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    ATI Catalyst 12.2 - or is it 12.3?

    Noel Carboni Level 8

      ATI has just released a new version of their driver suite for PCs.  The auto-updater in the older version of Catalyst I was running (11.7) reported that it found 12.2 was available.


      I went to the ATI web site and sure enough I found that 12.2 is shown as the latest release, with a release date of yesterday, 3/7/2012.




      This is a departure from their typical standard, I thought, as usually their releases are YY.MM (where YY is year and MM is month), and since it's already March I expected 12.3.  But I went ahead and installed it.


      Lo and behold, once installed it actually does think that it's 12.3...




      Anyway, knowing the ways that its predecessor, 12.1, failed I have been putting it through the paces this morning.  If you recall, 12.1 seemed to work great to start, but if you did a lot of Photoshop work various parts of OpenGL drawing would just stop working over time, because of an apparent resource mismanagement in the display subsystem having to do with compiling shaders.


      After editing in the same Photoshop session for two hours so far, I haven't seen any problems with OpenGL or application/system stability.


      However, if reliable operation of your system is critical to you, given the evidence maybe the ATI folks were burning the midnight oil (the late release and the 12.2 vs. 12.3 confusion), I'd probably wait a few days before upgrading, so see if we "early adopters" uncover any new problems.