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    Remove Dcoument Stroke

    scdcomp7 Level 1



      When a new document is setup within InDesign there is a black frame/stroke that goes around th entire document. 


      I want to remove this frame around this new document and in its place I would like to put a drop shadow effect.


      I am using InDesign CS5.5  along with Win XP Home version.


      Please advise the best way to resolve this.




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Basically, you don't.


          You can fake it, though. Make a new layer at the bottom of the stack and set it to non-printing. On that layer draw a frame that matches your page size and location and fill it with [Paper], then add your drop shadow. You'll probably still see the remains of the darker drop shadow that's in the interface, so to cover that make another [Paper]-filled frame larger than the first one that obliterates everything, then send it to the back.


          You can save this file as a template so you don't have to do it over and over again.

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you're referring to the black line around the page, that is the page boundary. It defines the edge of the page, but it does not print. It cannot be changed.

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              M Blackburn Level 3

              If your intention is to change the look of InDesign's interface by adding a more pronounced drop shadow, Peter's suggestion is fine. (Though one frame is more than enough.) But, I can't understand why anyone would care about the interface since it is entirely utilitarian.


              So if you want something that prints -- say to a PDF so that a proof that looks more like actual page sitting on the screen rather than just an application border. Then you will also need to add slug to the document and make sure to include  slug when exporting. NOTE that your frame in InDesign will have to have a stroke or your page will appear to have only two sides in the PDF.

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                scdcomp7 Level 1

                Hi All,


                Thanks for your help.


                Been away for a few days and just wanted to follow up.


                Would like to also know the following:


                When setting up an initial document it is set to white as a default.


                I want to change the default document color so that when I export the document to a pdf it will carry the color over.


                Additionally, I would like to add an un-animated page curl.


                Any ideas would be very helpful.




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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  The default background in both the ID file and the PDF are actually transparent unless you put something there. Your computer adds the white to simulate paper and so you don't see the back side of the screen. If you want another color, you must add it as a background object.


                  Not sure waht you mean by a non-animated page curl. You can creatre a curled page illustration and place that in the background.

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                    Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                    You can change the Paper swatch and this changes the background as well, but does export to PDF. The only way to get a background color exported in the PDF would be to create a frame with desired color, and place on master page.


                    "un-animated page curl" you will have to explain this. A page curl, by definition is the process of animating a page turning from front to back.

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                      scdcomp7 Level 1



                      The curl page illustration is kinda along lines I've been thinking about.  More specfically, you can create a drop shadow effect  with  the document itself, what about creating a page curl effect instead.  Any ideas?

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                        Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        The page curl effect is a Flash-only effect. It will not appear in an exported PDF or EPUB file. You could only get it if you exported to Flash Player (SWF) and view it in a web browser or Flash Player.