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    Word document leveling not being reflected.


      I'm using Robohelp HTML with Word 2010 to generate Webhelp from a word doc.


      I set up the document a while ago, and had it all working fine. I have since changed the word doc slightly, to make some changes to the text and structure. One of the things that I've done i promote a section, from 2.2.14 to 2.5. The problem is this is not being reflected in the TOC. The TOC still has it at level 2.2.14 in the tree, even though the HTML is generated as 2.5. In the project manager, this all looks fine. It's only the TOC.


      I've deleted the TOC, and created a new one. Still no joy. I can fix it by manually editting the hhc file for the TOC, but this is obviously not an option long-term.


      Can anyone help?