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    Editing Technique Question

    voxL Level 1

      Forgive me for such a basic question, but I don't use Premier much.  I'm heavily involved in a project which uses AE and Maya, and I'm just using Premiere for its realtime capability to edit the sequences together with audio.


      My project is a multi-part animation of a high tech measuring instrument.  The piece is a few minutes long.

      The workflow is to combine 3D and 2D in After Effects, render to png sequences, then edit those sequences in Premiere, adding sound fx and music.

      So my Premiere file is pretty simple - a few layers of video and audio with some cross fades.


      My question:

      Say I am editing and I want to add a hold frame to a sequence in order to time a visual event to the music.  For example, to hold a frame which is in the middle of a sequence that is focussed on a particular piece of equipment.

      What is the most efficient way to cut the video at that time, move all my other edits later in time (to the right), insert a hold frame, and adjust the timing?

      My current (probably crude) method is to:

      1)  Split at current time.

      2)  Select all the AV events to the right and drag them further to the right.

      3)  Figure out which frame I've stopped on, locate it in the sequence and import it as a still.

      4)  Insert the still, ripple delete, test.

      5)  Repeat as necessary: Drag everything to the right, stretch the still, ripple delete, test.


      Thanks much.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          That's pretty close to the way I'd do it.  Except you don't have to move and ripple, or "figure out" which frame.


          Place the CTI on the frame you want to hold and Cut.

          Hit the M key to bring that frame up in the Source Monitor.

          Click the little camera icon to export a PNG of that frame.

          Import that newly created PNG.

          Insert the PNG into the sequence (your CTI should still be in the same spot, so everything will shift right during insert).