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    Stacking or "z" order

    llaferte Level 1

      In Catalyst can I control the stacking order of objects or groups in states?

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Are you looking to change the layering at runtime or while authoring? You can use the layers panel to rearrange items while authoring. At runtime, you would have to write custom ActionScript to to do this. One solution might be to have a alternate versions of the ordering, and hide and show them as needed. But this might become too complex very quickly.


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            Hello llaferte, in that situation I would use the layer panel found in the upper right corner of your Flash Catalyst window. If you are familiar with Photoshop then this should come second nature, if not, i'm sure you can find tons of information on the net about layers. Anyways, personally I would just make a duplicate of what you need moved and make it not visible within the State, then make the newly duplicated one visible. Hope this helps, if not I will be glad to try and help further. As far as AS3 goes i'm not to handy in that language, so Chris may have a better idea.


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            James @ MSCNS.com

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              llaferte Level 1

              Thank you both, Chris and James.  What I was hoping for was a runtime solution - I have a stack of "cards" that each contain information, I'm hoping to find a way to allow users to bring cards to the top of the "deck."


              So it looks like I will need to look into the action script (Yikes!), or have the card pulled out of the deck when it is to be viewed - this costs some real estate but may be a quicker solution.


              On another note it is disappointing that Adobe will be abandoning Catalyst.  I have just started using it and like it very much.  I'm sure manipulating the "z" element would have been included in future additions had they not decided to walk away from it.