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    colour management or adjustment layer for broadcast output

    stephenh44161733 Level 1

      Hi all,

      I'm a bit confused about outputting broadcast safe colours and black and white levels. I am used to passing on my final render to a facilities house or an editor so am a bit green at this kind of thing.

      In the help files it says its better to use color management so I've set my project settings/color settings to "SDTV PAL 16-235"

      when I rendered out a few test stills and opened them in Photoshop to sample the colours, there are black levels of 0 rather than 16.


      I've resorted to adding an adjustment layer to the top of the master comp and adding Broadcast Colors filter and adding Levels effect and setting Output Black to 16 and Output White to 235.

      Is this an acceptable quick fix way of working?


      I suppose I should have a look at color finesse when I get a moment


      thanks in advance