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    My flash player is not exsisting after successfull installation, what is wrong?


      I got windows 7 -64bit
      When my computer asked me to update my adobe flash player to the lastest version with the McAfee extra, something went wrong in the installation. The installation froze and the update never happened.

      I went to download the version myself through adobes pages and choose and here also it froze when I had the McAfee too. I tried doing it without the McAfee and it went through, but when the installation is complete I get this message flaaherror.png

      I tried uninstalling all of flashplayer I could find on the computer, i restarted the computer and tried again, but it still doesn't do anything different.

      I can see youtube videos on youtube, but not through facebook, not see flash player based maps or use advanced picture uploaders.
      What can I do?
      To avoid me having to ask up alot of words, try avoid using short versions of names in your reply Since I am quite bad with this computer language thing


      Thanks in advance!