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    Design/gallery website - loading external SWF asset on splash page


      Hello all,


      This forum has been such a help with my website, i've found the answers to hundereds of questions but I've hit a bit of a brick wall and I wonder if anyone can help me.


      I have recently built a website http://www.intivision.co.uk/ using illustrator/flash/flash catalyst. It's still a work in progress and I'm happy with the gallery pages and general functionality but I'm having major issues with my splash/load screen and a few other niggles.


      The animation on the front page is a looping photo gallery i created in flash (as a .SWF) and imported into Catalyst. It is designed to play (and loop) indefinately after 2seconds of loading the title page. Half the time I access the site the animation does not load at all and just shows a blank screen and my logo. It will appear once the page is refreshed. A very bad first impression.


      I have a feeling this is because the SWF is externally loading the asset (which is only 350kb). Is there a solution or a way to imbed this animation so the entire project won't 'play' until this intro is loaded?


      Thanks - Tom


      ps Any other comments would be greatly appreciated