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    Diagonal gray bars on clips in timeline - Solution


      Ran into an issue today, and just wanted to share the solution to how I solved it, so hopefully others who run into the same issue can figure it out.


      I had a project that I originally had done on a one hard drive laptop. Project files, and media files were in seperate folders, but on the same drive. I recently copied those folders/files over to my 3-disc setup workstation, and opened the projects to redirect and relink the video clips.


      On the timeline, I had quite a few clips with diagonal gray bars like this:



      When the timeline is played back, there is no video that shows up. Right-clicking on the clip and choosing Reveal in Project shows that the clip is actually there, but it still doesn't show up.


      When I would go to check the clip in the source monitor, it was displaying a clip that was NOT the original clip used in the orginal project when done on the laptop. Turns out, that I had clips that had the same filename. They were just in different folders, so when Premiere went to relink everything it saw the filename it was looking for and linked it up to the first one it came across. I think the reason this happened in the first place, was that I'd shot video during the day on one sd card, imported it via Bridge, renamed the clips, and moved to the appropriate folders. Later in the day, I imported video clips from another sd card (so the file-numbering reset), and since I'd already archived the previous clips, some of the new clips got the same filename.


      Regardless, the fix was this. Once you've revealed the problematic clip in the Project, right-click on it, and choose Make Offline:


      When prompted, make sure you choose to leave media files on the disk :


      You will now see the clip is offline:


      Right-click it again, and choose Link Media:


      When the file explorer comes up, make sure to select the check-box Display Only Exact Name Matches:


      Go find the correct clip, hit Select, and there you go! Fixed.



      Hope that helps