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    Garbage Matte Invert

    EditorPete Level 1

      Hi all,

      First off, I've been an Avid DS guy for many years. I've been dabbling in PrP for a little while now, since I no longer work for my old company. I am really loving what I see and have been experiencing. This forum included. Lots of great tips and smart people. I have been reaserching PrP over the last couple of months, and it seems Adobe is really focused on the professional editing community. They see a future in their products for us. I do lots of compositing and effect work and PrP kills Final Cut any day. "Keyframing", is all I have to say to win that battle. Any way, I hope to be surprised about a lot more in the future coming from Adobe products.


      Now, on to my question.....Is there an invert toggle on the four point garbage matte? Seems too easy to not be there. Trying to matte out some tracking markers on a green screen.


      OSX 10.7.3

      PrP 5.5.2