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    Tables to Text Frames? Rectangles? etc.




      I'm having issues with a InDesign to EPub conversion, seems like par for the course the more I look into it. My main bone of contention is that the table styles cannot be exported to web.


      Unfortunately the figure and chapter diagrams we have are headed with stylized tables. The layout is very simple and looks something like this;


      Figure 3Diagram of Stars in the Sky


      I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this sort of problem and would be willing to share their strategies for dealing with it. At this point I'm thinking I probably have to design a CSS table style to mimic this appearance and then either script something to copy the text and erase the text frames and then apply a CSS style or something. I'm not too sure but before I get too deep into CSS I'm hoping someone would be willing to point me in the right direction.


      Thank-you for any and all help in this matter,