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    Hiding Zeros

    csb102155 Level 1

      Hello, I have Adobe X Pro, and I am using Adobe LiveCycle Designer to create a form that does some calculations.  How can I format a field so that no "0" (zeros) are in the field unless data is put in to make it calculate.  I'm using the FormsCalc method and for example, the first field is a decimal field, and the amount is put in by the user.  The second field is a decimal field calculated, and  is   $.rawValue = RW2/W1 * 100; the third field is decimal calculated $.rawValue = FRAT2 + CUM1, and the fourth field is decimal field calculated $.rawValue = 100 - CUM2, and it places a 'zero' in each of those fields unless I enter an amount in the first field. 


      Any suggestions or ideas?