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    Help with "sticking" a text layer over a video layer...

    Mr. Monsieur



      I am using After Effects CS4. I am not extremely experienced with AE.


      I have a text layer that I created in AE. I have video footage in another layer. In the video layer is a blank outdoor sign off to the side. I want to put the text layer over the video layer (which I have done).

      The text layer is in 3D so it looks like it is part of the sign. The problem is the video was shot hand held so it is shaky, so the sign moves but the text says stationary.

      I want to "stick" the text onto the sign, so they both move in the same direction, and it looks like the text is on the actual sign.

      I have been playing around with motion & stabilize trackers with no real success. I tried moving the text frame by frame to match up, doesn't look right.

      The video is 10 seconds long, it is for the opening sequence.


      Please help.