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    Is it possible to have Indesign CS4 and CS5.5 both installed on the same Mac? 10.6.8


      We have a bunch of recent Intel macs at our corporation.  Currently they should all have 10.6.8.  They were all imaged from a base image that has Adobe CS4 embedded in it. 


      We are now using a packaging software part of the JAMF Casper suite and AAMIE to push CS5.5 to the end users.


      The problem is that we want to keep CS4 on the end user's computers in case of issues.  That way the end users can try Indesign 5.5 and see if it does everything they need to do and still have Indesign for backwards compatiblity.


      So we created a CS5.5 install package using the AAMIE tool which works fine.  We then use Casper to spam the package out to a Mac.


      The issue that arises is that a few Plugin errors occur during the lauch of Indesign CS5.5 such as:

      Adobe inDesign does not recognize InCopy Bridge UI.InDesignPlugin as a valid plug-in.

      Adobe InDesign does not recognize InCopyExport.InDesignPlugin as a valid plug-in.

      Adobe InDesign does not recognize InCopyExportUI.InDesignPlugin as a valid plug-in.

      Adobe InDesign does not recognize InCopyImport.InDesignPlugin as a valid plug-in.

      There was one more plugin error that occured before the first one but I forgot to write it down.


      If we click okay to them, the application launches okay but when you quit and relaunch it, you still get one of the errors.


      Is this because both applications are installed at the same time?


      Is it offically okay as per Adobe to have Indesign CS4 and CS5.5 installed on the same Macintosh?


      What else should we be considering what to do?