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    Color Issues in Fireworks CS4

    Bob-Snow Level 1

      I am trying to use a color called "Wheat" in Fireworks.  The Hex # is E0CCAD  it is almost a tan color with a hint of gray, the RGB is 226-204-173.  Now this is the color I get from a program I use called Color Impact.  When I use this color in Photoshop it comes out properly.  When I use this color in Fireworks, I get a real pink color.  Why is this happening? Do I have something that is corrupt within Fireworks.


      I would appreciate any help or direction anyone can give me on this.



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          groove25 Level 4

          Sounds like a significant color difference, but it could be a color management issue. Photoshop is color managed, whereas Fireworks is not.


          Firstly, check the hex codes or RGB values within each application to verify that they're the same and that no distortion has occurred. Then check your RGB Working Space (under Color Settings...) inside Photoshop as well as the document's ICC profile. A typical setting for screen or web design would be sRGB IEC61966-2.1. (A setting such as 'ProPhoto RGB' or 'Adobe RGB (1998)' would account for the difference in appearance between PS and FW.)


          A good way to test whether color management is involved is to view the graphic inside Photoshop with color management turned off; this should match the appearance of the same graphic in Fireworks. To do this, choose File > Save for Web. In the preview window, there's a fly-out menu: Instead of "Use Document Color Profile", choose "Uncompensated Color".


          Save for Web.png


          Now does the color look pink, as it does in Fireworks? If so, then it's a color management issue.


          Assuming your working space/ICC profiles are in order, Photoshop is showing you a more "accurate" representation of the color by accounting for your monitor's color gamut in its onscreen output. The color in Fireworks is the same, it's just not being tweaked specifically for your onscreen viewing.

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            Bob-Snow Level 1

            Its not just a comparison of photoshop to fireworks we have sampled out the color in illustrator, xara, snagit and many others.  And also on seperate computers.  All of them come into compliance with the color.


            Everything points to fireworks, saying to us, no matter what color you throw at Fireworks, Fireworks is going to make up it's own mind as to what it gives you.  It appears that any Hex is going to be displayed differently in fireworks for whatever reason.  Everything is pointing to fireworks not responding properly.


            I have 2 issues that could help me alot. 1 is this conduct to be expected with fireworks? 2 if not, what are the possible issues?  At this point not knowing whether or not this is to be accepted in fireworks, we don't know which way to turn.  But our reasearch seems to exclude photoshop or anything else as being a problem.



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              Bob-Snow Level 1

              No sure how this explains anything, but I was able to get the proper color in fireworks.  I imported a rectangle with the proper colors that I created in illustrator.  When I clicked on it with the eyedropper tool, it pulled the proper fill and border colors.  With the proper hex code for both.  It really doesn't make any kind of sense but...


              Now what I would like to do is save these 2 colors to my color swatches so I can continue to use them.  What would be the best way to do this?



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                groove25 Level 4

                Generally speaking, you should not see a significant color shift between Photoshop (or other apps) and Fireworks. It could be a bug in Fireworks.


                To rule out other possible causes, I stick with my original suggestions:

                • Verify the hex codes within each app.
                • Check your RGB Working Space in Photoshop.
                • Check the ICC profile of your open document in Photoshop.
                • Open the graphic in Photoshop's Save For Web and choose Uncompensated Color. Compare the appearance to Fireworks.


                It would also be a good idea to indicate your computer platform and OS, and even to include a graphic of the different color appearances (wheat vs. pink).


                I wasn't suggesting that Photoshop is a problem, just that it's different. I can't speak to the other applications, but both Photoshop and Illustrator are intended for print design and production as much as they are for screen, and so they've always been color managed (to the best of my knowledge). Whereas Fireworks was created for web/screen only, and is not.


                Again, it could be a bug or other glitch. I'm just trying to rule out possible causes.

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                  groove25 Level 4

                  Looks like we cross-posted...


                  To get a color into your Swatches panel, you can select the object, then choose either Fill or Stroke in the toolbox and hover over an empty area within the Swatches panel until the Paint Bucket icon appears... then click.

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                    Bob-Snow Level 1

                    >>Re: Color Issues in Fireworks CS4<<

                    I will do this as it makes since. But I think a reinstall is in the near furture.  Becouse I can do the following:

                    1. Import Image & Select

                    2. Sample image ( eyedropper)

                    3. creating image rectangle uses the imported color.


                    4. As soon as I try to sample or drag the color, which is next to the bucket, it turns to that unnatural looking pink #FFCCCC when it should be #EFE4D3.



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                      groove25 Level 4

                      Are you on Mac OS Lion? If so, there are apparently known issues with FW CS4's Color Picker:




                      I don't know if this is applicable in your case (since you haven't specified your operating system, and the Color Picker wasn't specifically mentioned in your original post), but I thought I'd mention it. I'm sorry, but I really can't follow your last response. Good luck.

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                        Bob-Snow Level 1

                        Sorry, I am using XP Pro.