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    Actionscript help. Newbie

      Hiya, I asked a question similar to this one a few days ago to which FlashTastic kindly helped out with, however unfortunatly the miclevel is not working, I'm more or less a complete actionscript newbie. So I was just hoping if someone could have a look over this and see what the problem is. I have combined the AS I was using first with the one Flashtastic provided, and this is what I have now. If you would like to see the A.S flasttastic provided and the one I was using at first then please go here, Thank for any help.
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          I tried to send you a PM but you have your account set to not receive them!

          Where is this code located - on the timeline? on a movieclip?
          Do you know if your microphone object is actually responding?

          Also, in your code you have

          Which will not work, you need to use the format movieclip.attachAudio(m). Try using _root.attachAudio(m).

          Create a new movie and add the following code and see if it traces back anything. If it traces back -1, the microphone audio is not being initialized.