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    Attaching video to 3D objects...

    vipati Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have basic knowledge of Maya 2010 and After Effects CS5. I have Maya 2010,After Effects cs5, Cinema 4D R11.5 and Boujou 5 but I have not good knowledge of C4D and Boujou 5....


      Now my question is how can I attach videos to 3D object? OK......for example I have created 3D object shown in below image. Now I want to attach some videos to that 3D object and want that videos to rotate with that 3D object.


      I know that I can create some 3D object by using layers in AE then precomp that layers and place videos there but I want to create more complex 3D object that can be created only in 3D software like Maya or C4D. So how can I do it? What should be the workflow?


      First I will create some 3D objects in Maya or C4D than will import that in AE but after that???  How can I place my videos on that layers. I just want to paste my videos on the 3D object so that if that 3D object rotate that video also rotate on the same angel. Can I use boujou in this pipeline? Please tell me the steps that I should follow and softwares that I should use.





      Thanks in advance,



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The easiest option would be to use the video as a material for your 3D objects in Maya and export the animation with the video already attached.


          The next best solution would be to export your 3D project to an AE project that has camera movement and targets applied. You can easily do this in C4D and Blender. I haven't use Maya in about a zillion years and I don't know of an AE exporter for Maya.


          The last option would be to try and track and attach the video to the solids in AE using Mocha, (comes with AE), or another tracking software, or AE's built in tracker. The success any tracker will have tracking your render depends on the amount of detail in your render. If the artwork is as simple as your example you're not going to have much luck.


          Problems with everything but using the video as a texture and rendering in Maya include matching lighting, depth of field, perspective shifts, and color correction. In Maya you could export just the video, just the model, just the shadow, diffusion, specular and any other pass to allow you to composite, color correct and polish in AE. That's the way I'd do it.