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    Center a Title Window PopUp?

    flashgruven Level 1
      How do you center a title window popup when it is bigger than it's parent Display Object?

      Is there an easy way to find the root application Display Object??

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          peterent Level 2
          Use PopUpManager.centerPopUp( popup ).
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            flashgruven Level 1
            That doesn't work in my situation... perhaps I didn't describe the problem fully.

            The containment hierarchy is:
            mx.Application // 1024 x 768
            mx:HDividedBox // 100% x 100%
            mx:Canvas // 180 wide 100% height
            mx:ViewStack // 100% x 100%
            mx:VBox // 100% x 100%
            mx:ControlBox // <=== this container has a mx:Button click="createPopUp"

            var tw = PopUpManager.createPopUp(this.parent.parent.parent , DealershipEditor, true) as TitleWindow; // parentDisplayObject!!!

            if the first parameter to createPopUp() is this, then the popup centers on ControlBox which isn't wide enough.

            I have found that if I pass in this.parent.parent.parent.parent to createPopUp() as the first parameter, then it works the way I want.

            The problem is... if I ever change the containment hierarchy, then this.parent.parent.parent may not work.

            In other environments we walk up the containment hierarchy until parent is null... but I couldn't get that to work.

            So, my question might be answered best with, is there a way to find the 'root' DisplayObjectContainer (application screen) so that the Title Window popup will center on the full application?

            When I tried using the stage as the first parameter, the popUp never showed.

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              robsharma1985 Level 1

              public var tw:TileWindow;
              tw = TitleWindow( PopUpManager.createPopUp(this , DealershipEditor, true)
              tw =TitleWindow( PopUpManager.centerPopUp(tw));
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                parallaxed Level 1
                If your overall application is more complicated, and you want pop ups to appear under (possible) multiple instances of other components, you may want to look into Caringorm's ViewHelper/ViewLocator pattern.


                It would be a good move to implement that if things have the potential to get complex.

                A simple solution would be to keep a static variable in your root component that you can reference from other components when creating your centered PopUps.

                So do something like:

                <mx:Application ...[ blarg ]
                initialize="{PopUpRoot.view = this.document}">
                public static var view:Object = null;

                Then when you call PopUpManager.createPopUp() from anywhere in your application, pass it:

                PopUpManager.createPopUp(PopUpRoot.view as DisplayObject,MyPopUpClass);

                FYI, you can call PopUpManger.centrePopUp(this) in the creationComplete event handler of MyPopUpClass.

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                  flashgruven Level 1
                  Thanks * 5 parallaxed!

                  Turns out, I have a Global object that I create at my Application level and make available thru a getter() accessor... so, I saw your response, and added the PopUpRoot to it and started to test and found that every DisplayObject (actually, UIComponent) has a property parrentApplication and that seems to work if I cast it to a DisplayObject like so:
                  PopUpManager.createPopUp(DisplayObject(this.parentApplication) ,...

                  I will check out Cairngorm's ViewHelper pattern.

                  AND, thanks for the centerPopUp trick! I've added a creationComplete event handler and encapsulated the centering functionality where it belongs.

                  Thanks again,
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                    peterent Level 2
                    All UIComponent-based classes have the parentApplication property. It is typed as Object because it may not always be a mx.core.Application object (in some future version of Flex/Apollo) so you have to cast to a DisplayObject.

                    The static, Application.application, is also an Object for the same reason.
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                      parallaxed Level 1

                      Originally posted by: peterent
                      All UIComponent-based classes have the parentApplication property.

                      Smashing :-)

                      So you don't *need* to set a static var if the root is the Application itself.

                      Although if your pop up root is another component within the Application, then the above trick might come in handy for a quick solution.