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    [CS5] InDesign Server holding onto script file after being executed?

    lhanneman Level 1



      I've run into a scenario which we have a script file dynamically created, saved to disk, then sent to InDesign Server to be executed. The code that tells InDesign Server to execute the script will delete that script file after it's finished executing. This works MOST of the time. However, sometimes, we get IO Execeptions stating that the file cannot be deleted because it is still in use. It would appear that InDesign Server is possibly holding onto the script files maybe even for just a millisecond after it's finished executing.


      Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I'm looking for possible things to check (maybe it's not even ID Server that is the problem). Or maybe there is some option within ID Server when executing scripts that would allow ID Server to remove the file instead of our .NET code?


      Any advice/suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks!