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    Flash Player hangs users entire Terminal server session


      Hi all, Firstly many thanks for reading this.


      We're running Windows Terminal Server 2008 r2 using Flash Player


      Whenever one of our users hits a flash enabled site they experience heavy session lags and even sometimes cause the session to hang until the server times out the session via group policy. This is regardless of the size of the Flash content being played (full screen content or a little ad in the corner).


      To give an Idea of the layout, the Terminal Server is situated locally to the clients (not at a remote location) which eliminates it being a broadband issue for the clients. The Terminal server is a fresh install with a single install of flash( Flash 64-bit)


      I've read through the administration guide and created a mms.cfg file. Presently it has the following entries:


      AutoUpdateDisable = 1

      FullScreenDisable = 1

      OverrideGPUValidation = 0 (this was previously set to 1 to see if it would increase performance but it didnt.)


      I dont see any options in the guide to tweak performance as such - just security related. Are there any other references to values that can be changed to increase performance?


      Any thoughts/insights would be greatly appreciated as this is causing a real headache.


      Kind Regards,