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    Dommy Dumper: dynamic csaw library for CS 5.5

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      Hello everybody,


      I created a C++ InDesign plug-in (for both CS5 and CS5.5) and, due to the fact the plug-in is scriptable, I decided to produce a csaw_indesign.swc library containing my extensions to the DOM. I was finally able to do that thanks to the CSAW-SDK, the "dommy dumper". I had to use Windows because on Mac OS X 10.7.3 it was not possible, no way, I wasn't able to take the procedure to a good end.


      BTW, my new "csaw_indesign_dynamic.swc" works as expected and I successfully used it on a test Extension Builder project targeting InDesign CS5 and later. I then tried to use the same dynamic library on a project targeting InDesign CS5.5 and later but received a warning (ok, it's just a warning) related to a "Creative Suite version mismatch. CSAW Libraries compiled with Creative Suite CS5...".


      So I went back to the "dommy-dumper" and changed the target from CS5 to CS5.5; I then created the dynamic library and imported into the project and noticed the same warning.


      The question, finally: is it possible from the dommy-dumper to produce a dynamic library for CS5.5 as well? I mean a CS5.5-only version in the same way Adobe provides a 1.0 release of the csaw library for InDesign CS5 and a 1.5 release for CS5.5...


      Any help or suggestion would be very appreciated