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    Using 720p 50fps video for Slow Motion


      Hi there,


      I've recently started using Photoshop Elements 9 for editing my action sports footage, and its a big improvement over free to use programs that I used before.

      The thing that I have run into, and that I can't seem to solve, is making footage slow down.


      I'm using both a GoPro camera (HD and HD2) and a Canon EOS 550D to shoot my video. Everything is shot at 720p @ 50fps so that I can use the footage slowed down when I want to use it that way without making it choppy (in normal 25fps export video (can be 720p, but I might use 1080p as well))


      I've set up a project in PE9 using the preset for PAL-DSLR-720-50fps so that (me thinking) I can import 50fps footage without losing frames for importing. However, when I use the time timestretch function (through right click menu) and set the strech to 50% (so effectively 25fps) the video doesn't appear to have the extra frames. Even after rendering, if I foreward 1 frame at the time, every second frame is simply just a copy of the previous one. I've checked the file properties through PE9 and it says that the file is 50.000fps, so there should be 50fps available to build the footage from (yet only showing 25fps in frame by frame mode).


      In searching the forum I've found some other suggestions to solve this, including the 'Interpret Footage' function. I've tried setting it to 'Interpret as 25fps' to see if this changed anything (as to smear out all available 50 frames over a 25fps clip, doubling its length), but that also retured with a copied frame every second frame.


      I've also tried setting the project preset to DSLR-1080p @ 25fps to see if that might have an effect, but as soon as I import my 720p video it changes the project preset to AVCHD-LITE-720p50. Using that returns the same issue (btw, what is the difference between DSLR setting and AVCHD?). Using the AVCHD-720p @ 25pfs together with 'interpret footage at 25fps'  also reverted to 50fps as soon as I imported the video file.


      Frame blending isn't an option as it doesn't actually blend them. It just overlays the two frames and changes the opacity of the upper one (or so it seems), creating this weird blurry overlay effect, instead of interpolating the objects between the two frames (but maybe I'm asking for too much on this function).


      Can someone please help me solve this slo-motion effect issue? I really want to use the full available 50fps footage I have shot to create smooth slow-motion in a 25fps export video (i'm not looking at reducing it much more than that). It seems that half the frames are dropped out as soon as I import into PE9.





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As we've often discussed on this forum, Go-Pro footage rarely behaves in this program as source footage. The best solution we've found is a conversion to an editable format.



          In fact, mixing video footage of any types is usually not a good idea. Especially when your project settings may not fully match either.


          Try using just the footage from your Canon. When you add it to your timeline, do you see red lines above the clips? If so, you are not using the correct project settings for your footage.

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            Faab012 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply.

            The testing I had done was with footage from my Canon and it didn't show a red line above the clips. After applying time stretch it did, which turns to green after rendering it. That footage is however shot in .MOV format, as opposed to .MP4 for the GoPro.

            My project presets are either (PAL-DSLR-720p50 or to PAL-AVCDH-720p50. The first one is the selection by me, the other is what PE9 defaults to when I import my Canon footage to the timeline if I had preset another format.


            Thanks for the link to the GoPro file format explanation. I'll use that in any case when I import the Gopro footage.