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    How to access a child's timeline in actionscript 3.0?

    super waffle Level 1

      ok so i have a cloud named cloud2_mc and in its timeline i have a cloud layer, and an actions layer. I took the cloud and made it into a a Movie clip clip with an instance name of embeddedcloud_mc in this Movie clips timeline i have a 50 frame animation of the cloud breaking appart and disapating with a tween and i have a stop(); function on frame 1 of this layer.


      What I want to happen is, when the cloud2_mc movie clip is clicked to play the animation of the cloud breaking appart. the cloud2_mc has a trajectory moving slowly accross the sceen continuously when the cloud2_mc reaches the side of the sceen it loops again. When the animation is clicked i would like it to continue across its path but, when the cloud2_mc reaches to left hand side of the screen i want the embeddedcloud_mc to reset its timeline and go back to its original state where the cloud has not broken appart.


      My question is, how do I access an embedded movie clips timeline to tell it to play an animation on its timeline as well as, how do i make the same object restet its timeline to frame 1?