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    Stage Video - corrupted video when switching bitrates




      We use HDS with multiple bitrates for both live and VOD streaming. For playback we use OSMF based player with Stage Video enabled (Flash Player 11 and wmode=direct).


      Some users (mostly with Intel integrated graphics) have encountered problems with picture - when the bitrate is switched (and the video resolution changes), sometimes the video freezes or gets corrupted while the sound is still playing.

      The problem seems to be with a random nature - sometimes multiple resolution switches are performed without any problems, but when I reload the page with the same video, it freezes after the first bitrate switch.


      I also noticed that when using specific resolutions settings, the problem does not occur.


      640x360 -> 848x480 -> 1024x576  - everything is fine

      480x270-> 848x480 -> 1024x576 - everything is fine

      480x270-> 640x360 ->848x480 -> 1024x576 - video freezes when switching between 270p and 360p, other transitions work fine


      I experimented with different encoder settings and resolutions (even tried to use only identically proportional, mod16 based resolutions for all bitrates), but I couldn't get to any conclusions that could let me know which encoder settings could help to avoid this issue.



      Currently we use a workaround that hides and immediately displays again the video surface after the bitrate changes. That prevents picture from freezing, but causes the screen to go black for up to 2 seconds when the bitrate is switched and can be annoying if the bitrate switches frequently.


      We could also disable Stage Video at all, however that would cause unnecessary CPU load for users that have no problems with Stage Video. I don't think there is a way how to detect if the specific video card has this problem, so we can't disable Stage Video only for specific users.


      Another way would be to let the users choose themselves between Stage Video and standard playback. However that would not be very user-friendly.



      Are there any ideas how to solve this problem?