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    InDesign CS 5.5 does not open a window

    Baddog II

      To All,


      This is really, really bizzare...  I was using Indesign on a windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.  Newly rebuilt system with a fresh install of OS.  Got the master suite installed, updated and working just fine.  I was using Indesign and making a few edits to a simple one page layout. Saved the page, closed down the program.  Later that afternoon I had to do some more updates on the original document.  I click on Start | Programs | Adobe Master Suite 5.5 | Indesign.  The program acted as if it was going to open, the mouse icon changed to a little blue spinning circle, but then it turn back to a pointer and nothing opened.


      Yet if I open task manager and look under processes, the .exe is running but it does not show on the application tab, just under processes.


      I have uninstalled then reinstalled InDesign. I have uninstalled the entire suite and reinstalled and still the same issue occurs as noted above.  I also check event logs and there is nothing.  I can open Dream Weaver, & Photoshop with no issues.


      Any suggestion would be appreciated.