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    Anyone else find that LR 4 web galleries are very slow to build?

    Larry Lilac

      Using LR4 (not the Beta) processing JPEGS in the web gallery module seems to be taking about 5-TIMES as long as in LR 3 (or processing the same set of JPEGS to the same size and quality in Develop module in LR4).


      Anyone else getting this problem?


      I'm not a software engineer, but I would have thought that processing a large set of images using the same spec would be an excellent opportunity to utilise multi-core processors, and that doesn't seem to be happening on my system:


      Mac Pro 2 X 2.66 Ghz - 20GB RAM - OS 10.6.8.

      ATI Radeon HD 5870

      Canon 5DII RAW files


      Colin Thomas