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    I just want to send a recommendation

    DevarySS Level 1

      I have been working with a woman who has helped me with my project and the glitches I've had with the product. She is awesome and I wanted to give SOMEONE over there a heads up that you're getting your money's worth from her. NOWHERE anywhere on your website, help files, forums, support pages, coporate profiles, press releases, on and on and on, is there a place to give higher ups a heads up that someone is really doing a good job. SERIOUSLY? Why would you not have that? Why would you make it hard for customers to say to a support person, "hey, I'm going to recommend you because you really did something constructive for me." ? Not all customers want to restrict their communication to whining. And it might help morale of people who have to deal with the difficult task of helping people who are frustrated and at the end of their rope. Think about it.


      BTW her name is

      Pooja Jaisingh

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Good for you!  I'm glad you wrote something!


          In my opinion the Adobe web site is... well, the most charitable characterization would be Byzantine, I think.  There very well may be a place to say thank you, but it's buried in some obscure location. 


          Now watch some Adobe employee come along and post a link, which won't solve this web site's profound navigation difficulties, but at least you'd have something.