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    Is anyone successful editing nested, multi-cam clips in sequence with AJA settings?

    RL Ambrose

      I am having some real issues with multi-cam editing and the AJA sequence settings. Things works fine when I use XDCam Seq. settings, but with AJA settings....


      (I had hoped to insert screen grabs here to better illustrate - but doesn't seem to work)


      not only are the images in the multi-cam monitor all "wonky" (technical term) - but they don't follow the nested clip in the timeline. My workflow has been to cut my show using XD CAM seq. settings, and then copy/paste my sequence into new sequence w/ AJA settings (for color correcting) - but as I mentioned before - once I do this, my multi-cam edits are not recognized, thus I have MORE work to get the edit back to it's orig. form. And if I did want to use the multi-cam function - well - it simply does not seem to want to work w/ the AJA seq. settings.


      Your help is very much appreciated. thanks.