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    How to exit in v5.5 ?

    Dale Whale Level 1

      I did a search both in the forum and through Google. Though several people have asked similar questions, most are using an LMS.



      I'm trying to close out a window in v5.5.


      In the past (v5) I added a button that executed a javascript using the javascript:window.close() command. As many have noted, this command no longer works in v5.5. The same goes for top.window.close() ;




      Has anyone come up with a method to close a window using a button in v5.5?  



      My course will be distributed on CDs (not offered through an LMS or a remote server). Users will likely view the course through a variety of browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc...).

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          Jim Leichliter Level 4

          Since you're running the swf from a CD drive through a browser, the JS solution won't work for security reasons.  What happens when you publish to .exe or .app?


          If you're really bent on CD distribution and displaying via a browser, you may want to consider a product like Server2Go that will turn the CD drive into a web server so that the JS will execute properly.


          Jim Leichliter