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    changing e-mail address...

    Tom Mullica

      Just love FORMS CENTRAL.  I've been having problems receiving SUBMISSION RECEIPTS from people submitting my form.  My account is under [removed by moderator]@centurytel.net.  Sometime people submit my form, it doesn't come to me and they don't receive a confirmation e-mail.  I've been experiencing e-mail problems with AOL members and sometimes other e-mail accounts through my centurytel.net account.  What I'd like to do is set my existing account (without changing my Adobe ID) to a new e-mail address (account).  When I go into the SUBMISSION RECEIPTS window (under the options tab) my e-mail address is grayed-out and I can't change it.  If I open the MY INFORMATION window, and click the CHANGE ADOBE ID link and insert my other e-mail address ([removed by moderator]@gmail.com) it says 'e-mail address already in use'.  HOW CAN I CHANGE MY ACCOUNT SO THE FORM IS SUBMITTED AND FORWARDED TO ME AT [removed by moderator]@gmail.com (rather than account e-mail - [removed by moderator]@centurytel.net) AND THE SUBMISSION RECEIPT'S 'REPLY TO' FIELD IS ALSO [removed by moderator]@gmail.com?

      Thanks in advance.

      Tom Mullica


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          dave_m_k Adobe Employee

          Good day Tom,


          You have two Adobe IDs, one at @centurytel.net and other at @gmail.com, but likely only your @centurytel.net account is an author on your form.


          You'll want to open your form in FormsCentral and click the 'Share' link at the bottom left corner of the page.  Add your @gmail.com Adobe ID as a Co-Author. 


          Once your @gmail.com user is a Co-Author, you've got two more steps to go.  First, you should now be able to define your @gmail.com as the Reply-to address on the Submission Receipts pane. 


          Second, you'll need to log into FormsCentral with your @gmail.com address.  Open up your form and click on the 'Notifications' pane.  Here you can enable the @gmail.com Adobe ID to receive notifications of submissions. 


          Please let us know if you have any questions.


          Kind regards,


          Adobe Systems