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    Flash Builder 4.6 - How can I keep unit test classes out of the finished swc?


           I have a library of code I'm building and I'm working on unit testing but I have a major issue. When my finished swc compiles no matter what I do it includes the unit test classes as part of the intellisense if you load the swc via flash. The classes aren't really in the swc since if you just try and import them they'll come up undefined. They only appear to go into the intellisense for the swc. Does anyone know how can I keep this from happening in the finished source? Currently my folder setup is like this in flash builder.


      src\main - source documents for the library to get compiled

      src\mock - mock class area for unit testing

      src\test - unit test classes


           In the project Properties panel > the first tab of my Flex Library Build path I have selected only the src\main folder for the classes to inlude in the library. No other folder paths are selected.

      The "Flex Library Build Path" doesn't change my results with any setting.