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    whcsh_home.htm setting*** Please Help***

      The context-sensitive web help home (whcsh_home.htm) that is generated by Robohelp has the setting:

      var gsJava="false";

      This setting allows us to hook into the context sensitive web help, as long as it is set to “true” instead of “false”. We can manually make this change to the file, but the file is re-generated each time and will be overwritten with the wrong values, so modifying the output files is not a good solution. I have been unable to determine what setting in Robohelp controls this variable. Does anyone know?

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          Actually, I'm not sure what you need that setting for. We use contextsensitive help in our application, and we have not had to modify that line of the .js.

          That being said, I did have to comment out two lines from the very same file in order to get around an IE script error:


          The way we handle this issue is to use our version control to lock the file, so that the help author cannot check the regenerated (uncommented) version in on top of it. Not much else you can do since the .js gets regenerated and we can't modify the .js since it's precompiled.
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            HKabaker Level 2
            It seems you two are doing the same thing, which is to get rid of the window.moveTo line. I notice, though, that gsJava is tested in another location. I'm not sure what this code is doing, but it discriminates among browsers.

            So does mang0 want to thwart both of those sections, or just the last one?

            The template is in the RH program directory.

            Look in
            Program Files/RoboHelp Office/RoboHTML/WebHelp5Ext/template_csh
            Program Files/RoboHelp Office/RoboHELP/WebHelp5Ext/template_csh

            I think if you change that line in this template, the "true" setting might survive through WebHelp generation. Same for commenting out that snippet.