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    Adobe InDesign won't open docs in Win 7


      I'm setting up a new desktop PC that came with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium, V 6.17601 Service Pack 1,  64-bit. I installed all Important updates, which included SP 2 & 3.

      I then installed Adobe Creative Suite CS4 Design Standard (previously run problem-free on Windows Vista).

      I didn't know about de-activating the apps before installing them. I just put in the CS4 CDs and all apps installed. No hassle. All apps opened. Photoshop works fine. Illustrator wouldn't open due to plug-in problem. I ran it through the Windows Program Compatibility tool and it now works fine.

      The problems are with InDesign and Adobe Acrobat 6 (solve that later).

      When I try to open previously-created ID documents, I get the error message: "Cannot open xx.indd. Please upgrade your plug-ins to their latest versions, or upgrade to the latest version of InDesign".

      I can't find anything about upgrading plug-ins to latest versions. How can I do this?

      I am current with all InDesign updates. I've tried running the app as an administrator and used the Compatibility Tool (I've tried using the possible different settings, each in turn, for Windows Vista, Vista SP1, Vista SP 2 and XP (SP2 and 3). I still get the same error message. I can create new InD docs, but not open any of my previous work.

      I even tried changing the plug-ins in the one place I could see, under Help > Configure Plug-ins. .I tried  all  3 of the possible configurations: Required, then All, then Adobe, to no avail.

      Can anyone help me? If this forum isn't the right place for me to be, can someone please indicate a workable Adobe forum??? Thank you so much.