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    Repeaters and eventListeners

    jonny go to school
      Ok, so I am close and I thank help on this yesterday.
      I have a page that has a repeating canvas with items inside the canvas. When the mouse enters the canvas I want the visiblity of some items to appear. When the mouse leaves that canvas, the items disappear. I have created a listener on a static canvas piece and it works great. I have attached the code. However, when I make the listener for the dynamic piece, the children objects inside the canvas still make it fire the mouseOut even though it hasn't left the canvas, just moved over a child. The static children items seem fine and don't fire it off, the repeater one does. Any thoughts? I will attach the code for the repeater as well. Does it have to do with the fact I have to fire the listener in each repeated item using mouseOver? Without doing this, the listened has no idea what repeated ID I am on! mouseOver="runMove(event)"

      Thanks again!

      Jon Eynon