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    Exporting Data to Excel


      I have un very strange problem.

      I have created un site with values of products in all European languages. The user can select an language and the system export the result in Excel in the selected language.

      For informations, the Data's are saved in a Oracle Database.

      Until last friday morning, all functions very well.
      Since Friday afternoon, it is not more possible to export the data.

      What happens:
      If the user select Bulgarian, French, Greek, Italian, Lituanian, Latvia, Maltese, Netherlands, Portugese, Slovakia, tcheck republic, : The system doesn't export the result but it stay on the screen (click me) for seen the result

      But, for the English, Dannish, Deutch, spannish, estonian, finnish, hungrian and slovenian: The system export realy in Excel (click me) for seen the result

      Why ??? I don't known ! I don't understand.

      Friday, I added some numbers only, no text in the data base.
      I don't modify the site itself.

      The most complicated of the situation, I have another page that displays the same data but difently and there; all functions very well.

      I'm lost ....

      Any one can help me ????

      I give you the code used:

      Last point: The version of ColdFusion is 6.1

      Question: For you: Where come from the problem?
      a) from Oracle?
      b) server ColdFusion?
      c) application itself?
      d) Excel?
      e) other? ---> from where?

      Thank you for advance