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    Photoshop CS5.5 type tool not working after OS X 10.7.3 update

    Paul@Hands-on Level 1

      Hi All


      Weird one ...


      The first thing I noticed was that I could not use the type tool to create 'live' text on a layer. With the type tool selected I get the following error message when clicking to begin typing:


      "Could not complete your request because of a programme error."


      I quit Photoshop then attempted to launch the application by opening the file. The application opened but the file wouldn't, giving the same error message.


      I quite Photoshop again and relaunched the application from the Dock. The applicatiuion opens fine but displays the same error message (before I have attempted to open a file).


      With a file open I checked the type palette, where the dafault typeface is shown as Myriad Pro, but the default settings are:


      Type size: 1pt

      Linefeed (leading): 1pt

      Kerning: 1

      Tracking 1

      Type height: 0%

      Type width: 0%

      Baseline shift: 0

      Colour: black

      Language: multiple

      Type quality: none


      Some odd settings there. The type tool bar (at the top of my display) has blank fields. Typing desired values into any of these fields doesn’t resolver the issue.


      I have tried restarting, creating a new file but to no avail. The type tools in Illustrator and InDesign are working as expected, so it would appear to be a Photoshop problem and I’m stumped ... any ideas?


      I’m running CS5.5 (Photoshop 12.1) on a Macbook Pro 2.5Ghz Core i7 with 8Gb RAM


      Thanks in advance



      PS I have posted this on the Apple support forum too)