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    Unable to delete/extract a multipage form...


      I have created a 2 page form, one is 4x6, the other is 8.5x11.  The form is not tied to a data source.  When I open the form, manually add data, and save it I am unable to extract one of the pages as a seperate .pdf, the options to Insert/Extract/Replace/Delete are grayed out.  The data entered on both forms have global bindings, so it's the same data on each page.  All of the various text and image fields are listed under a seperate "subform" for each page, rather than the under the Master Pages in the hierarchy. Is there a way to enable extraction or have I done something wrong with the form structure or hierarchy?

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          These features are not available when working with XFA-based forms built using Designer (either static or dynamic) inside Acrobat.

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            Thanks for the confirmation - while I was unable to find a posting or doc addressing this specific issue, I was able to gain a better understanding how XML behaves in PDF forms and came to this conclusion.  I did find a workaround that worked for my specific needs:


            1. Save Form as PDF

            2. Open PDF form in Acrobat and enter data.

            3. Save completed form as PDF

            4. Save (export) PDF as an image file.  (Each page in the PDF is saved as a seperate image file)

            5. Create new PDF in Acrobat Pro from the image file.

            6.  Done!


            I hope this helps others who might be having this issue.