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    Moving Still Images Manually with the Video?




      I'm very new I would say with After Effects, however I've been playing around with it for a while on and off, and I've made a few videos with an image on top (to make a fake UI on game footage etc) however I never move the image.


      I want to know how you move the image manually, like you would when making a flipchart animation, you know where the image was, you move it a tiny bit so it's always on top of someones face for example on a video your editing.


      I've scoured the internet, and all the tutorials are to do with green screening etc, and thats not what I want. I just want to have a still image that I can move each frame myself to be on top of a person's face.


      At present, when I move the image each frame, it just moves where it would be for the entire duration of the movie, obviously what I'm after is a way to split timeline or something to make the image move. It's really hard trying to explain what I want to do, which what I think should be simple..


      So I hope someone can help me out, and thanks in advance.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Forget about scouring the internet.  You'll just get a random scramble of tutorials, which may or may not help.


          AE's one of those applications that forces you to begin at the beginning if you're a beginner... and you are a beginner.  With AE, you can NOT jump into the deep end of the pool.  If you try it, you will discover that you're wwearing lead weights. 


          So where do you go to get AE basic knowledge?


          Fortunately, Adobe's own Todd Kopriva has thoughtfully compiled a wealth of resources right here.


          Put the time in on the basics.  Blow off the AE basics at your peril.  Master the AE basics and you will discover an incredibly rich and versatile application.

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            Zyphone1 Level 1

            Jesus.. it was so simple, Keyframes, I never knew you could just turn on keyframes like in Flash.


            All I needed was that information to work from, thanks so much!