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    Edit text / sprite Shared Library


      Dear Adobe,


      Currently i'm trying to edit the text of a Flash project/website. The flash project structure is as follows:


      - Main.fla

      -- Section1.fla

      -- Section2.fla

      -- Section3.fla

      -- Section4.fla


      The Section3.fla file contains the text I need to edit. I notice that the text is visible inside the library:

      "/Sprites/sprite 11" file


      "/Text/text" 10 file


      But when I try to edit the text 10 file I get the message: "This symbol is imported from a Shared Library. If you edit this symbol, it will no longer be imported. Do you want to continue?".


      If I click Yes and edit the text and replace the Section3.swf with the new one, the website still shows the old text.


      How can I edit this? Can someone help me please?


      Kind regards,