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    Appending Premiere CS5 file within Encore CS5


      After creating an Encore CS5 file with a Premiere Pro CS5 file, I appended (added to the end) the Premiere file additional footage.


      How can I incorporate that appended Premiere file into the exiting Encore file, keeping the same menu and links and add to them?



      I created a Premiere Pro CS5 video sequence and then used Adobe Dynamic link to Encore CS5.

      There, I added a menu and links to various parts of the video sequence.


      I then did a "Build" and burned a DVD which worked fine.


      After viewing the DVD, I decided to add to the Premiere sequence some footage in the form of two still photos, which I did successfully.


      However, I can not figure out nor find any information on how to update the Premiere Sequence within Encore.

      The video sequence and the timeline are the same, except for the additional footage.