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    CS5.1 Save for Web & Devices not responding


      I was turning a mov. file into a gif. When I was finished I went to save for web & devices and after it finished loading... the gif couldn't be seen but a coral pink box took the space. Then I get a message stateing that Adobe CS5.1 is not responding... Then it closes down the program. I'm able to make other gifs. Even ones with more frames.They all turn out to be fine. It's just this certain one I try to make that always ends up closeing down the program. The file size is 248MB and the gif I'm trying to make only needs 91 frames. I'm so confused. I even used the same mov. file and made a different gif from it and it worked perfectly! I've tried reinstalling but that didn't fix anything.


      So hopefully someone out here will have some helpful information on how to fix this. Thanks!