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    Multicam Bug?

    Hotrod2uk Level 1

      After editing many multicam sequences in CS5 and no issues I have slowly become more and more frustrated at this bug in CS5.5..


      1. I create a sequence

      2. I start clipping shots and making a single timeline edited sequence (intro to the multicam footage), after a min or so of edits on timeline one I eventually get to my multicammed bit and drag all footage in to their respective timelines. So when you look at the sequence yo have a min or so of footage on timeline 1, then a multicam sequence occupying time lines 1 - 4, after that.

      3. I sync all the audio and render out a master audio WAV file for the whole sequence. I lock all video, remove all audio and drag in my new muxed track for audio 1.

      4. Right Im all set, new sequence, drag in the sequence created above, right click on footage select multicam enable and bring up multicam window.

      5. I edit the multicam sequence and tweak till Im happy.

      6. Its all complete, I save and then go to export media.


      Whilst exporting the multicam sequence after a few mins I suddendenly get an UNKOWN ERROR message and the export fails?

      I think ok maybe I have used some diffent sized footage and try again with the blend footage option in the export dialogue "UNKNOWN ERROR"

      Ok problem, I load up CS5 (not CS5.5) I import my CS5.5 multicam project file, it conforms all the footage again and then I go to render out and BINGO it renders out fine?


      I go back to CS5.5 to try and find out what is the problem with it and not CS5 and the result is this..


      The footage that was in the multicam sequence for the first few mins is whats causing the problem HOWEVER if I go to the original sequence (with all the video streams not the multicam sequence) select and copy all the timeline 1 footage upto the multicam bit, swap to my multcam sequence and paste the single edits at the begining straight over the identical footage in the multicam sequence IT NOW RENDERES OUT without an error.


      Please fix this I have to deal with it several times a month and its bloody annoying.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          You lost me with step 2.

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            Hotrod2uk Level 1

            ok in laymens terms I create a multicam sequence using four video tracks and four audio tracks. Normally the start of the sequence would have all the video audio tracks in, however I have started by editing single clips in time line 1. After a min or so I then import all the multicam footage to time lines 2,3,4. So the the actual sequence starts with clips on a single timeline as oppossed to all 4 video and sound tracks filled.


            I multicam edit them in a new sequence and on final go to export but it fails. and it fails giving an "unknown error" message because the start of the multicam only has clips on one timeline.


            However if I go to the synced sequence (original sequence) copy all the single edits at the beginning, then go to the multicammed sequence and paste these clip straight over the same clips in the multicamed sequence it then exports ok with no errors. I have to do this with every multicam edit I do which is a pain.


            now the text above say if I repeat the same process in CS5 not CS5.5 there is no unknown error message and no need to fiddle about copying and pasting so why so in CS5.5?


            I know your gonna say simple just do your multicam in CS5 but my main bought plugins and effects are for CS5.5 including native Canon MXF support and AVCHD support so I need the CS5.5 really. its bugged and needs fixing.




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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I then import all the multicam footage to time lines 2,3,4.


              Now right there is where you're losing me.  The normal procedure is to place all the clips for a multicam edit into just one sequence.  So I'd ask why are you putting them into multiple sequences?

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                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Roddy, I think some of the time you are using the term "timeline" instead of track. Some users call a "sequence" a timeline, but never call a track a timeline.


                Jim, I think he is editing on video track 1, then adding 4 tracks of video in that same sequence for a multicam edit.

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                  Hotrod2uk Level 1

                  Exactly right, apologies for not conveying info correctly but as just stated I edit on video track 1 then add 4 videos to 4 video tracks AFTER the begining edit on track one. I create a new sequence and drag in the synced sequence and enable multicam and edit away in the multicam monitor.When I export I get an "Unknown Error" message.


                  Now if I go back to the synced orginal sequence and copy all the footage on video track 1 upto the point where there multiple videos on multiple tracks and then paste this in the multicammed sequence over the video track 1, so the footage is pasted over identical footage. It now exports fine? I have to do this nearly every time I use multicam, some times it works but I think the problem lies in that first edit on track 1, and probably because it doesnt quite conform to the multicam rules BUT IT SHOULD? and it does in CS5?

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    Well, I can only say that for myself, I'd normally keep only the multicam clips in the multicam sequence, adding the first bit of edit to the second sequence anyway.


                    Sooooo, if that works...

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                      Hotrod2uk Level 1

                      I appeciate that Jim, my concern is that its not a problem in cs3, cs4 and cs5 but is in cs5.5? if aint broke dont fix it, its broke! I also appreciate that life sometimes dictates the use of work arounds to solve the problem however im an advocate of fixing the problem so theres no need for a work around. I hope this is acknowledged by the dev team for future updates or releases as Im sure its a problem others will encounter in the future.


                      I like to put stuff forward for one reason only to better what is already a great product and I stand by it. I Have submitted many wish list ideas but unfortunately only limited to one at a time due to the structure of the adobe wish list protocol. I can see a vision of Adobe premiere for the enthusiast and professional including things like more than 4 tracks for multicam, floating editing tools window, abilty to select multiple clips and bring audio levels down with out finicking on single clips, improve slow motion calculation, steady and jitter shots, apply movie looks, add dynamic matte transitions, upscale resolutions, add audio effects like reverse reverb, underwater, alien etc, show audio in preview window with footage, clip syncronisation from multiple cameras this list goes on but ultimately a package the seasoned pro can work with quicker and faster taking monotony away from the edit allowing the editor to be more creative.