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    Show selected itemRenderer in ComboBox

    Brent Lamborn
      I have a ComboBox that uses a custom itemRenderer:

      <mx:ComboBox change="PriceOrder()" id="coverstyle" width="350" x="190" y="10" name="coverstyle"
      prompt="Please select ..."
      itemRenderer="ComboBoxItemRenderer" />

      The itemRenderer is composed of an image,name, and price and shows the items in the ComboBox very similar to how items are displayed in the Apple.com search box.

      Right now since I set labelField="@name" the name of the selected item is displayed in the collapsed ComboBox after a selection has been made. Instead I would like for then entire itemRenderer that is selected to be displayed in the collapsed ComboBox; image, name, price - the entire thing.

      Can anyone lead me in the right direction to make that happen?