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    installing prob


      i have downloaded the installer for adobe digital editions.

      however when i run the installation, this message came out.


      'you may not have the necessary permissions to use all the features of the program you are about to run. you may run this program as a different user or continue to run program as the current user'

      there is two options:

      1. current user

      2. run the program as the following user (need to provide username and password


      i have already signed up an adobe id. it doesn't seem to work.  this came out : 'logon failure: unknown username or bad password'


      when i chose option 1, it didn't work either. this message came out 'this installer requires administrative access, please, try again.'



      what should i do now?

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          I have the exact same problem. Please help !!!

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            I had this same issue. The morons at Adobe tech support went back and forth for 1/2 hour trying to solve this, including suggesting I create a new user account!

            Here's the solution: download the setup.exe file, goto the donwloaded file location, right click on the file and select "run as administrator". Problem solved.

            (See that Adobe tech support morons? Maybe Adobe should try paying someone in the USA to handle tech support and there wouldn't have to be pissed off customers like me posting these simple solutions)