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    How can I see the audio waveform better?

    grandill Level 1

      Hello, I need to make a video and I want to put videos on top of an audio track, but as I zoom in, in the audio waveform in loses the details in the waveform and I can't see the sound that I want to see to put videos on top. I'm talking about something like putting 30-40 very very very short videos in a 5 sec duration audio. I can see the sounds that I want if i double click the audio waveform but I can't know where to put the videos because it doesn't show me. How can I do this?? Is there any solution or I have to go to sony vegas ? Please help!



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          grandill Level 1

          I can't explain how much this helped me! Thanks a bunch!!!!!!

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            Jim Curtis Level 3

            One of the things I love about Pr is that when you change the levels on a track with the Clip>Audio Options>Audio Gain function, it changes the waveform display accordingly.


            I can see by looking that the levels in this example are too low for dialog (Sorry, Ann!); this level would be OK for ambiance, or perhaps music under a VO.


            You should have a goal that your master level average peaks are in the 9-12 range on your meters.  That gives you headroom in case of occasional loud peaks that are above average, which will avoid clipping distortion.  And since most pros meter in this range, your material should more or less match what's been put out in the world by professionals.


            You can also tell at a glance how all your audio clips are matching up, volume-wise in Pr, if you set levels this way. 


            I created a shortcut to bring up the Audio Gain dialog box.  I use the razor to separate uneven sections in my audio track, and make the levels match visually, which gets me into the ball park aurally, which I can then tweak by ear.


            This only works as long as you haven't changed the audio levels with the rubber-bands (the keyframe-able horizontal yellow lines).  Changes to the rubber bands are not reflected visually, other than its vertical position on the track.  The waveform display does not change when the rubber band is changed.

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