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    Precomposing & Cropping & Warp Stabilizer? *Beginners Question*


      Hi guys,


      I'm new to AE and have been trying to follow instructions from this link (http://www.sinusdigitalus.de/2011/05/06/my-first-test-with-the-new-adobe-cs55-warp-stabili zer/)


      I've taken out the important bit here -


      "i´ve imported my sequence and applied the warp stabilizer on it. the first instance of the stablilizer was to stablize only the movement of the position, scale and rotation with a crop but with no rescale to keep the image quallity. i´ve precomposed the shot and resized the comp with the new dimentions of the shot after the crop. on this i applied a new warp stabilizer and this time i´ve stabilized the perspective also with crop but no rescale. again precomposing and rescaling the comp to the new dimensions. then i applied a third warp stabilizer on this new comp and did it again. this time with the subspace stabilization."


      - As he mentions at the begining, it's not an indepth tutorial so where I'm tripping up is the precomposing and cropping.


      I'm trying to stabilise a jpeg sequence using this guy's method (he passes it through Warp Stabilzer 3 times).


      When I hit the Precomopse button it gives me 2 options and a box to tick whether or not to open new composition, which ones do I pick? And when that's done, how do I crop it so it's applied to the whole jpeg sequence before I use Warp Stabilzer agiain?


      Thank for your help.