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    How to sharpen edges of image


      I've downloaded the below image from the internet and would like to harden the edges so there's no feathering. Is it possble to do this in Photoshop elements 10?



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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional



          1. Duplicate the background layer, shut off its visibility by clicking on its eye icon, and work on the background copy layer
          2. Access the magic wand tool, set the tolerance=20 in the tool's option bar, leave contiguous unchecked. Left click, then hit delete on keyboard. You should see the design in outline form, surrounded by a checkerboard pattern which denotes transparancy. The "marching ants" indicate that the selection is active

          3. Go to Select>refine edge, and adjust the feather and contract/expand sliders to suit

          4. Go to Select>deselect
          5. Open a blank layer between the background and background copiy layers and fill this layer for a replacement background, e.g. color, gradient, pattern, etc.


          Note that this image has a low resolution. For printing, it is recommended that the resolution be in the 240-300 px/in range.


          Please report back with your progress.

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            photodrawken Level 5
            1. Convert the image out of grayscale:  use Image...Mode...RGB Color.
            2. Use Image...Magic Extractor to get the symbol on a transparent background.


            You can then use Edit...Define Brush, which will let you use that symbol in at least 65 million different ways -- if you paint with that brush on a new layer on an image, you can vary the colour, fading, layer style, etc. of the symbol to your heart's content:

            flower and symbol.png



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              photodrawken Level 5

              I did some experimenting and found a more precise way of getting a sharp edge (and creating a brush):

              1. Convert the image out of grayscale: use Image...Mode...RGB Color.
              2. Use Filter...Adjustments...Threshold with these settings:
                symbol threshold settings.png
                to get a two-colour image:
                symbol threshold.png
              3. Use the Magic Wand with these settings:
                symbol MW settings.png
                to select the black part of the image.


              At this point, you can use Edit...Define Brush from Selection to define a hard-edged brush of the symbol.  This ensures that the symbol will be solidly filled with the Foreground colour when used, unlike my previous post which will create a filled symbol with shades of the Foreground colour:

              symbol and flowers.png


              If you don't want to create a brush, simply use Select...Inverse (Ctrl+Shift+I) to select the white area and hit your Delete key to get the symbol on a transparent background.  You can fill the symbol as you wish -- gradient, etc.