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    Fireworks CS4 questions / Saved Commands

    A. Wayne Webb Level 1

      I have a digital workflow whereby I export from PS CS4 a directory's worth of TIF images to PNG images and to a sub-directory.


      In Fireworks CS4 I then "try" to run a saved command.  It works, after a fashion but with several issues.


      Issue #1:  I want the width to be 600pixels and the height should vary depending on the original image's height.  However, when I run my saved command on other images it sets both dimensions to that of the initial image.  Is there a way around this?


      Issue #2:  I export the image, it gets me smaller files and I don't need all the extras, just the flat image; unchecking Include areas without slices.  However, when I run my saved command it sometimes checks the Include areas without slices.  Is there any way around this?  At present for each image I have to open it and save each file to get the small files averaging less than half that of the regular Fireworks PNG.  For a directory containing over 800 images this can be time consuming.


      Thanks in advance.

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          abeall Level 3

          What is your saved command? Can you post it here? Not sure I followed either of the issues precisely or what you are trying to accomplish.




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            A. Wayne Webb Level 1

            I'll try and I'll also try to insert two images.


            Issue #1:  A script I designed inPhotoshop take a directory of files and prepares them for delivery to Fireworks as a PNG file (Image 1).  The steps are as follows: Open all files in the PNG directory, run Fit Canvas (Ctrl + Alt + F), run Image Size (Ctrl + J) setting the file to 600 pixels wide and the height to whatever it may be and then save the file.


            Problem #1:  The script runs fine with one caveat.  All the images are the same width as designed.  They are not the same heigth and can vary by as much as 10 to 15 pixels in the final file.  Once I save the command it assumes that I want all the heights to be same; I do not.  The height should vary from file to file which at present they are not because of the assumption of the script; make all heigths the same.


            Issue #2:  After having run the above script there is an additional step; export the file.  I do not want the 2+ megabyte file as that is too large.  So, the addtional item in the script is Export file (Ctrl - Shift + R).  To reduce the file I deselect Include areas without slices as it is not needed.  All I want is a flat plain-Jane PNG file.


            Problem #2:  Experience has shown me that at times the script still leaves the item checked.  Here is how I know.  The next step occurs in Bridge wherein I apply a metadata template and number followed by one manual change.  When looking at the files if I apply my template it will only apply to some of the images; by no rhyme or reason.  This means I have to reopen those that do not accept the metadata template and re-export from Fireworks.


            If I can get my script to work correctly it should be a seemless operation.  As it stands I am forced to manually open each file and run my steps manually.  The final image for this record set is only one (Image 2) of 108 pages.  In the near future I will be running this script on a directory of over 800 images.  That would take a long time to do manually.


            Thank you for taking a look at my quandry and I hope you have a viable solution.  I have provided a link below so you can see how the resultant images will be utilized.





            P.S.  In checking my posting I see that this forum browser is horsing around with the images.  If need be please download the two images.

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              abeall Level 3

              #1 - So this is all one script in Fireworks? Or the first part is a Photoshop script? Have you tried the "Scale" options in the Batch Process? Try "Scale to Fit Area" -- this will allow you to resize while maintaining aspect ratio, so you could resize all images to fit inside a specified width and height, so the height would vary based on the width.


              #2 - It's definitely possible to make a script that exports without exporting slices or including areas without slices.


              Can you attach the script itself? You'll find it in your user directory if it was saved from within Fireworks, something like {User application directory}/Adobe/Adobe Fireworks CS5/Configuration/Commands


              I think you can get batch process to work for you without a custom script, though.




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                A. Wayne Webb Level 1

                Thanks again Aaron for the response,


                Yes, it is all in Fireworks CS4. At present I have it broken down tho' at one time it was all one script.  It was only after I noticed the forced height issue that I broke it down to run just the Fit Area.  That being said here is the script and thanks for looking at it.  I need the height in pixels to not be a set number, but determined by the height of the original image.  And to further confound the issue I will shortly be using a differing set of pixel width images, 1,000 master PNG and a smaller 600 pixel wide image.  I'm going to try my hand at creating one script that opens an image, fits canvas, resizes to 1,000 pixels, exports to directory A and then resizes that image to 600 pixels and exports to directory B.  That should be a fun script.


                I could not locate "Scale to Fit Area" in Fireworks CS4 and even then it is doubtful from the description that it would suit my needs.  I need to fit the canvas area and then scale the results to 600 pixels by whatever the height for that particular image may be.  The height of each image varies and it needs to be that way.  If you open the first image in my previous posting onto your computer you will see there is a lot of blank area in it, thus necessitating the Fit Canvas command followed by the resize.


                As for the exporting without slices vs. file sizes I resolved that aspect of my dilemma.  Come to find out if I leave it checked it properly discards my metadata and creates the smaller file.  That solves that aspect of it.  It still leaves to be said that when run from a script wherein I was previously deselecting that option, I would get varying results.  Some of the time it was deselected after reopening the file and sometimes not.  Also, at times it would strip the metadata sometimes it would not.  Flaky, but true.

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                  A. Wayne Webb Level 1



                  Did you get a chance to see why Fireworks cannot in a script resize an image proportionally if given only one pixel dimension?  This is sort of pressing to figre out and my fingers are getting worn out having to do this manually.