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    How to speed up synchronizations with Contribute 3

      we have just started using Contribute 3 to allow an external contractor to administer our webpages. However for both us and the contractor the synchronization times for opening a page and publishing a page are very slow - around 50 seconds to open a document and 50 seconds to publish it. Our contractor reports that these times are even slower for them.

      We have broadband internet access at 1 mb/s Our site is hosted on a fast, responsive server - normally FTP loading a page to our webserver takes about 1 second once the initial logon has been established - even though we are based in Spain and the host server is in the USA.

      We have set up contribute to intereact with our webserver through secure FTP
      We have set the permissions initially to review pages that are modified by the contractor before they go live.

      Has anyone with experience of using contribute 3 got any specific tips to speed up the synchronization periods to make administration of our website pages quicker?