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    Problem with gotoAndPlay with an xml gallery

    Stefan83 Level 1
      ok. I've been customizing an xml photo gallery from a tutorial i found. The gallery works great and I have a row of thumbnails that run down the left hand side. I've animated the background of these thumbnails so it scrolls onto the stage at the beginning of the movie and then when it reaches frame 20 in the timeline it reaches the code that pulls the xml file for the main image and the thumbnails. Now what i would like to do is be able to click on the background of the thumbnails to animate back to its position off the stage but also keeping the current main image on the stage. the background is a button and I added a simple gotoAndPlay script to it:

      on(release) {

      However something appears to conflicting with this script from the script in frame 20. Can anyone help? I feel I am fairly competent with Flash although I feel a little out of my depth with this up to this point. I've attached the script from frame 20

      Thanks in advance :)